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Experiential Christianity


When the teaching stories and parables of Jesus were first spoken there were no Christian beliefs and constructs to evaluate them. Thus, this book analytically reexamines those teaching stories and parables as they were initially presented, free of developed constructs and beliefs, to demonstrate their experiential intent. This reexamination unveils a covert direction within those stories and parables that is concealed in full view. Rediscovering and unveiling that direction opens doors to reveal an empirical foundation for living that is available to everyone. In brief, the message of Jesus is examined as it was given.

* * *

The main objective of Experiential Christianity is to illuminate the experiential arm of Christianity, and by doing so redefine its devotional arm. The devotional arm may guide but it takes the experiential arm to confirm. By its nature, experiential Christianity can bypass religious borders as it is not a dogma, theology, or a belief, but a state of experiential being. Hence, can connect with, and be beneficial to, everyone regardless of his or her religious affiliation.

In this reevaluation of Christianity its 'living' essence is revealed. That exposure reveals an experiential pathway that unveils a practical foundation for a moral compass to steer one through the various hazards of daily living. By learning to avoid those hazards your one and only purpose in life is revealed, which is to discover the experiential reality of the statement made by Jesus, that 'God is within you'. Everything else is secondary. Meaning, that experience is primary as it is used to define 'how' one lives, acts, and thinks. Based upon that experience a moral foundation naturally arises providing a cornerstone for ethical stances that cannot be manipulated or twisted by the many and varied seductive 'playthings' engendered by self-interest.

The depth of understanding released by the actual experiential discovery that 'God is within you' changes your life forever: you are truly reborn. However, that experience is not achievable by belief alone. You must be willing to experientially delve into the core of your existence to discover the reality of that statement by Jesus. Meaning, you must experience it and not just believe it. For that journey you will require intellectual knowledge of 'how' all the internal components of your existence function and interrelate. Without that knowledge you would easily become bewildered and distressed by the confusing quantity of ambiguous information that can block your pathway, and in despair claim that experience is impossible. Hence, this book outlines all the 'tools' you need to survive that internal journey and provides a 'map' to begin your search. Using both the 'tools' and 'map' is a personal decision that another cannot make for you. You either do or do not. There is no in-between.

Does a non-material entity, referred to as God, exist? Yes. Is it possible to logically confirm that assertion? Yes. Is a personal connection to that entity possible? Absolutely. That personal connection is not hiding. You are hiding from it. This book provides all the necessary information to realize that connection. When that realization is a 'living' reality it transforms belief into actuality, establishing the cornerstone of an indestructible faith, that underpins every thought and action in your life. That experience adds experiential authenticity to your life confirming your eternal career has begun: and that beginning has no end.

* * *
Experiential Christianity has 448 pages
And incorporates all relevant information from previous books

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The Source-code of Existence


The Source-code of Existence has been formed from the book The Mind of Consciousness, which was written in an academic format. This book contains all essential elements of the academic version but written in an easy to read uncomplicated format, requiring no special or advanced knowledge to understand and assimilate its content.

* * *

Does a non-material entity, referred to as God, exist? Yes. Is it possible to logically confirm that assertion? Yes. Is a personal connection to that entity possible? Absolutely.

A belief that a personal connection to the Source-of-Creation is not possible, because no such entity exists, is itself a belief and that disbelief is an unequivocal obstruction to the connection. The disbelievers create their own barrier but what about believers, as they also appear unable to confirm their belief. Their belief may have validity; however, they attempt to constrain faith within their belief. The containment is an obstacle, potentially preventing the very thing they are attempting to experience.

A personal connection to the Source-of-Existence is not hiding. You are born with all the necessary tools to construct that connection. However, you may never have been afforded the learning opportunity to know how to use those tools appropriately. The intent of this book is to demonstrate their correct use, and provide a map, giving the location of where to initiate your search. Using that directional information is your responsibility.

An intellectual appreciation of that connective process unveils how the 'I', that you refer to yourself as, arises and sets about creating mind 'objects' and patterns that eventually control the very entity that created them. It is insidious entrapment as the assumed independence of the 'I' is a fiction. The 'I' is real as it is one-half of your 'I am', but its independence is fictional. The missing 'am' maintains the artificiality that will plague the remainder of your life. The fictional 'I' deceives itself by not being aware of the prison it has self-created, by that assumed independence, that is maintained by the artificially severed 'am'. Escaping that entrapment is the core of this book.

Reading the information page below, for the bookThe Mind of Consciousness, will provide an insight into this book, The Source-code of Existence, as the latter book is formed from the content of the former book.

* * *
'An experiential journeyless-journey into the core of your existence'

* * *
(The Source-code of Existence has 130 pages)

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The Mind of Consciousness


The Mind of Consciousnesss contains all essential information from earlier works in a condensed and comprehensive textbook format. All previous books, The Heart of Silence, Presence, Resolution Psychology, and The Source-code of Consciousness can be regarded as a work-in-progress.


The first 100 pages of this book can be read on Google Books.

* * *

There is one question in life that perpetually confronts everyone? Is there life after death, with the follow on questions; how is it possible and what survives if anything? The Mind of Consciousness is a book that logically demonstrates it is consciousness that contains the potential to survive physical death and your self-created mind is what actualizes that potential or negates it. The experiential processes outlined in the book demonstrate the interconnectivity of consciousness and mind to reveal an empirical foundation for existence.

If after all your investigations, you still retain a feeling that something is missing in your life, or cannot achieve a satisfactory connection to some form of permanency beyond your own known biological transitory existence, then this book will expose the source of that dissatisfaction. It experientially defines all the elements of non-moving consciousness and moving mind, establishing an intellectual foundation to reference. As well, it provides practical process to experience that foundation. It is blueprint to make personal what some claim as impossible as you can learn to 'touch' what cannot be physically 'touched', directionally filling the 'something missing' space that may exist in your life. It will take you upon a journeyless-journey that ends where it began and that beginning is the end of the 'empty-space'. Reaching that end, which is also a beginning, is not as difficult as some may suggest or imply. However, understanding that journeyless-journey takes intellectual effort to intuitively experience the effortlessness of the result.

Talking about the journeyless-journey stimulates endless cycles of debate, creating more doubt, rather than eliminating it. Learning to stand-aside and become a passerby creates the 'space' to uncover what was never concealed, revealing an invisible world that is perpetually visible by knowing what 'tools' to use rather than unknowing having those 'tools' use you. This journeyless-journey is a true adventure that most are not even aware exists as the majority are blinded by the seductive playthings within the sandpit of manifestation, taking the unreal for the real and dismissing the real as imaginary.

If you have come to the end-of-the-line in your investigations, then this book will support a reinvigorated impetus to continue by providing new experiential terminology that is both practical and usable in daily life, providing your investigations with new tools to uncover what is not hidden.

Ultimately, sometime within your life you will be forced to define your existence. That 'definition process' has been referred to by many names, but whatever one calls it, it demands clarification of your life and this book provides the tools for that work. Doing it is a personal choice that you either do or do not. There is absolutely no in-between. Doing it, opens new pathways that have always existed, revealing the old pathways as potentially restricting and blocking the pathway to personally experience a geater Presence beyond your own sense-of-presence. Ignoring the 'definition process' will create its own pain. The pain is just a pointer, steering one to the fact that what is being ignored can no longer be ignored. When the pain of the 'definition process' strikes your life and you are not prepared for that event, you can be swallowed up in a black cloud of doubt and despair that no amount of rational support or even medication can eliminate. When that event occurs, and sometime within your life, it will, it can be a springboard to thrust you into investigating your existence or, if ignored, can lead you into the black abyss of indefinable despondency or even depression.

The book The Mind of Consciousness provides all the tools necessary to define your existence. What you do with that definition is a personal decision. The book provides an experientially discoverable direction impersonally embedded within consciousness. All you have to do is make it personal, which is the definition. If you do not allow the fast foods of belief and constructs to provide superficial nourishment but discover true sustenance within experiential knowing, your spiritual health and wellbeing is assured. Most important of all, you know it is assured, filling the once 'dissatisfied void' with directional confidence and experiential knowledge that no one anywhere can ever dislodge. You are home and know it. Nothing has been added or subtracted in your life, but that life now has a known experiential direction and personal purpose that requires nothing beyond what it is, and what it is, is you.

One of the many reasons for writing this book arose by observing how our present civilization is gradually polarizing itself, establishing isolated exclusivity, containing the potential to destroy in the guise of preserving. The book The Mind of Consciousness was in part written to combat this rise of barricaded isolation, as isolated exclusivity - in all its forms - will undoubtedly have a deleterious, if not destructive, effect upon a potentially progressive civilization. From an individual perspective, this gradual and insidious separation appears impossible to halt, even though most can witness the potential negative results of that self-created isolation. The intent behind the content of the book is to prevent those negative events from occurring.

* * *

This book takes you into the core of your being, turning it inside out, exposing who and what you are by revealing a self-created shadow-world controlling your life without you being aware that control exists.

* * *
(The mind of Consciousness has 554 pages)

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- Earlier Supplementary Books -

Experiential Christianity, The Mind of Consciousness, and The Source-code of Existence contain all relevent information from the four following titles, which are out-of-print.

The Heart of Silence Presence Resolution Psychology The Source-code of


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